Should I Buy or Lease an INFINITI in MA?

For Massachusetts drivers who enjoy luxurious amenities and reliable performance, buying or leasing an INFINITI nearby is a great choice. But should you buy or lease a car? This question depends on your lifestyle and budget. Stop by our INFINITI dealership near Ashland and a member of our luxury car sales team will help you weigh your options. We’ll show you new INFINITI Q50 lease incentives and auto financing rates, so you can compare whether to buy vs. lease a car in New England.

Ready to see what’s at our local dealership for new INFINITI models? Chat with the experts at our Herb Chambers Company and we’ll help you shop for your ideal SUV or sedan. Then we’ll show you our lease offers and INFINITI financing specials, so you can decide what’s best for you!

Buying vs. Leasing a Car FAQs


Is it More Advantageous to Lease or Buy a Car?

Whether you should choose to buy or lease a car often comes down to your monthly budget. Leasing a car typically means lower monthly payments, giving you the opportunity to drive a luxury car at an appealing price point. Financing a car usually comes with higher monthly payments, but then you own the car entirely once the loan has been paid off.


Is it smarter to finance or lease a car?

Both options can be smart choices depending on your budget and goals. For example, signing an INFINITI lease contract may be best if you like upgrading your ride every few years. It’s also a great option if you want to have lower monthly car payments.

That being said, when you lease a car, you lose the equity you accrued during the lease, unless you purchase the leased car once the terms of the contract expire. On the other hand, when you finance a car, those payments go toward equity in the vehicle, so you own it outright when you’re finished paying off the loan.


What Are the Pros from Buying Out of a Car Lease?

Buying out a car lease is a savvy way to enjoy lower monthly car payments while continuing to enjoy a car you’ve already fallen in love with. When you buy out a car lease, you’ll save on the purchase price thanks to the equity you already have in the vehicle, and you can often still claim low auto financing rates and INFINITI specials for additional savings.

INFINITI Specials Near Ashland, MA

Stop by Herb Chambers INFINITI of Westborough to learn about our current financing rates, INFINITI lease specials and other ways to save. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing a car, so you can see which option is best for your lifestyle. We’re excited to get you the keys to a new car!